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MerSeta Accreditation


Further Education and Training Certificate: NQF 4

Production Technology: ID 58779


  • Qualification Title: FETC: Production Technology

  • SAQA Qualification ID: 58779

  • Minimum Credits: 143

  • NQF Level: 4

MerSeta Accreditation
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Skills Programmes

SP 0880/14-17
Logistics & Planning

Unit Standard 116287

Unit Standard 116292






5 Days - 24 Credits

SP 0886/14-17Project Budget Supervisory Skills

Unit Standard 120375

Unit Standard 120377






3 Days - 13 Credits

SP 0888/14-17Production Coordinating Skills

Unit Standard 114877

Unit Standard 114884

Unit Standard 116284





5 Days - 26 Credits

SP 0889/14-17Production Quality Assurance Skills

Unit Standard 14586

Unit Standard 243025

Unit Standard 7117





5 Days - 21 Credits

SP 0964/16-17Warehouse & Logistics Planner

Unit Standard 116284

Unit Standard 119472

Unit Standard 14586

Unit Standard 116280

Unit Standard 119457

Unit Standard 7468


11 Days - 54 Credits

About Skills Programmes

Skills Programmes are credit bearing programmes developed in order for a learner to obtain specific skills in a shorter time frame.

SPs tend to be short courses consisting of either one or more-unit standards which when added together can eventually lead to a qualification. Competence is achieved after successfully completing formative and summative assessments. 

Learners are awarded a Competence Certificate upon successful completion of the Portfolio of Evidence.

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