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Why Choose EHI

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What Sets EHI Apart

1. Founder's Commitment

EHI's founder, Callie Kruger, is known for his passion and commitment to fairness, trust, and respect for clients, facilitators, and staff. This commitment sets a positive tone for the entire organization and underscores a strong emphasis on ethics and integrity. 

2. Adaptability

EHI's ability to adapt and stay ahead of industry trends is a notable feature. As mentioned in your company profile, EHI started with the aim of providing short courses to engineers but has expanded its offerings to serve a wide range of professionals across various industries. This adaptability demonstrates a willingness to evolve with the changing needs of clients and industries. 

3. Comprehensive Training Solutions

EHI offers a broad spectrum of training solutions, including in-house/on-site training, public workshops, and virtual training. This flexibility caters to a diverse client base with varying needs and preferences, showcasing a commitment to meeting clients where they are.​

4. Hybrid Approach

EHI's public workshops that incorporate a hybrid approach, combining in-person and virtual elements, provide clients with options that maximize convenience and interaction. This hybrid model blends traditional and modern methods of learning, catering to a wide range of participants. 

5. Global Expertise

Operating from head offices in Cape Town with regional offices in Johannesburg and Durban, EHI can tap into a global knowledge network, combining international expertise with local insights. This enables EHI to provide a comprehensive perspective on industry-related issues.​

6. Strong Values

EHI's core values emphasize quality, integrity, excellence, passion, accountability, respect, and customer commitment. These values guide the company's interactions and decision-making, emphasizing a culture of respect, trust, and dedication to delivering exceptional services. 

7. Industry Expert Facilitators

EHI's expert facilitators bring practical industry experience to the classroom, enhancing the quality and relevance of the training programs. Their expertise ensures that participants receive real-world insights and knowledge.

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